Grow with Joe - Spring Cleaning in the Grow Room

Grow with Joe - Spring Cleaning in the Grow Room

April 2, 2019

In order to grow strong, healthy plants, you must start with and maintain a clean, pest-free indoor grow area. Any buildup of trash or materials makes for a breeding ground for countless pests and organisms that are not a welcome sight in any grow room. While it is important to start with a clean grow room for best results, it is equally as important to maintain the sanitary nature throughout your grow cycle.

Before any plants are introduced into your grow room, you should perform a thorough cleaning and sanitization of your prospective grow area. While cleaning the area, keep an eye out for any cracks or crevices that may allow access, no matter how small, from the outside world. This access is enough to let in any organisms looking for a breeding ground to call home or a ray of light that could potentially cause your plant or plants to hermaphrodite. 

Once all dirt, dust and debris is cleaned up the area should be sterilized. While there are many methods and products out to facilitate the sterilization process, in the grow room we typically use bleach or hydrogen peroxide. While the space is empty, there is plenty of room to move around and access all areas that may not be accessible mid-grow, so bleach the ceilings, the walls and the floors before anything moves in. This will ensure you are starting your grow with a clean slate. 

Once you begin filling your room with plants, it is a good idea to maintain a regular cleaning schedule, as infestations are easier to control than they are to contain. Be sure that all dead plant matter is removed immediately, clean up any and all liquid spills, and avoid clutter as any dark corner is a breeding ground for many things. Also, regularly wipe down and/or clean hoods and ballasts, among all other electronics, with compressed air to keep them clean and operating at full capacity. It is also important to regularly check the filter on the air conditioning unit and any filtered equipment you use. 

Cleanliness is an ongoing task in a grow room and one of the most important, as failure to maintain your grow room could lead to epic infestations. As long as you develop and maintain a schedule, it will quickly become second nature, and your grow will surely thrive because of it.