"Holidaze" Cheeseballs

"Holidaze" Cheeseballs

October 29, 2019

T'is the Season! These sweet and savory "Holidaze" appetizers will have you caroling at the top of your lungs with friends in no time! The only problem? You have to share!


Oil *(your choice of type)

1 can cranberry sauce 



8 oz Panko bread crumbs 

1 cup hemp seed (mix with bread crumbs)

4 eggs (beat for coating)

1 cup flour



16 - 20 oz goat cheese (not crumbles)

6 oz Medjool dates, chopped

1/2 cup honey 

About 700 mg active hash (or, activate 1g)



Blend the goat cheese and honey until well-incorporated. Add in dates last and make sure to evenly distribute to avoid a bite of just goat cheese or dates. I used good old number 70 scoop (small truffle drop-sized) to get about 4 dozen portions. Roll each by hand (they’ll be slightly tacky but it’s ok), then take each ball and roll in flour. Dredge through the whipped eggs and finally roll in the Panko-hemp blend. You will have plenty of crumb mix left over. Freeze for a half hour or more. 

Fill a skillet about ⅔ full with oil and heat to 350. Fry in small batches for about 2 to 3 minutes, until they turn a golden hue. 

As for the dipping sauce, I cheated and just puréed a can of whole cranberry sauce. I wanted to cook down from fresh berries, but too much work! The tart sweetness really complements the cheese and dates perfectly. 

Best enjoyed warm, when they’re still  gooey and creamy bites, a little texture will return to the insides when cool (but they’re still delicious either way). Serve with club frills for maximum festive presentation -- of course, your party is about to get started, with about 50 tasty bites at 15mg apiece!