Mayor Calls for Moment of Silence

January 6, 2023

CannaTown - Mayor J. Van Cannaby IV called for a moment of silence yesterday, to honor three trophy buds destroyed in the unfortunate Keefer Bluffs fire late last week. “These young buds had so much ahead of them. They were burned and utterly destroyed before they could fully cure, and it’s a shame we never got to grind and pack them as the cup-winning nuggets they were destined to be.”

The three buds had been accidentally abandoned during a violent grease fire that would eventually destroy a Volkswagon bus. All that remained were charred stems. Sadly, the tragedy is the second of its kind in CannaTown this Autumn, with a dark cloud still hovering since a young man lost a full jar of fresh Durban Poison wax. It was found days later, shattered and ground into the mud. Both incidents have been declared accidents, although the Office of the Peace has not ruled out that something more sinister or dank is afoot.

Van Cannaby also announced a moment of guacamole for his jalapeño cheddar burger, followed by a long remembrance of ketchup for the fries.