November Cannapages

November Cannapages

November 5, 2020

CANNASCOPES : Discover Your Fortune!

Aries - Your name will be added to a terrorist watch list for your egregious use of such deadly-stupid puns. 

Taurus - The Journal of Medicine will soundly reject your paper on licks required to reach a Tootsie Pop center on the grounds that it sucks. 

Gemini - With all the bugs scrambling to get in due to cold weather, it’s definitely time to call the exterminator about your dreadlocks.

Cancer - The downside to pizza for breakfast--as your fellow bus-riders are about to learn--is that it causes terribly foul, immediate gas.

Leo - You're so proud of your Animal Crossing farm that you can't wait to tell all of your no friends.

Virgo - Long overdue, this is finally the year to turn the family get together into a basement fight club.

Libra - The last thing you'll perceive before going down in history is that there's not enough pie here to feed the millions of ants marching hither.

Scorpio - Your dreams of royalty will come true when others start calling you "Your Highness" for skating into all the orange cones. 

Sagittarius - Time to the face the music: you can either buy one pair of suspenders, or like, ten new pairs of pants.

Capricorn - You idiot, you’re not supposed to rip the teabag open.

Aquarius - You're not sure why, but nearly everything you've eaten recently tastes like bad breath.

Pisces - Despite the touching dreams of your nieces and nephews, NASA will never celebrate your tenure in pizza delivery with a ceremony and keys to the rocket.