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April 22, 2018
San Francisco, CA

Imagine if you got a helping of Birthday Cake Kush every year instead of an actual cake? Most cadets would call it a fair trade, especially if the indica comes fully cured, reeking of fresh-baked cake, with an emphasis on frosting.
   Our sample from Fox Street definitely delivered both in aroma and taste. The bud was tightly grown, neon green and frosty with tiny orange hairs like fiery stubble. When ground, sweet and creamy notes filled the room, reminiscent of a bakery (some smelled “donuts,” others, “cinnamon rolls,” in addition to pastries).
   The first hit was “not overbearing, but came with a nice kick.” Curiously enough, some of us were affected by a quick and strong onset during the first 90 seconds and thereafter, others instead felt a creeping intensity. Either way, within fifteen minutes a spacey couch-lock had planted us firmly on our haunches, in the calming and peaceful sense. Simultaneously, psychedelic levity and bouts of weightlessness came and went for the next half-hour as the high extended throughout the body, somewhat alleviating any pain or minor aches.
   Vast forgetfulness and general absent-mindedness were also hallmarks of the experience. We sat for a while after sharing the bowl in a small semi-circle both chilled, and spaced, out. Those of us who could stand went searching for cold beer and orange juice.
   “It was a great precursor to a night by the fireplace with movies and wine,” wrote one critic. “The peak came on slow over time with a long, level finish.” Another ran home to grab the game Candyland, rabidly inspired. “It was fitting to get lost in a fantasy dessert world amongst good friends,” he wrote. “It’s been too long.” The main effects lasted a pleasurable 3-4 hours, perfect for any late-afternoon birthday party.

Photo by Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia

Published on November 2, 2014
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