Black Label CannaCones from Altitude Organic Medicine

Black Label CannaCones from Altitude Organic Medicine

April 9, 2015

So many dispensaries now package their own cones or joints, but few have gone to the work of producing a product that actually discourages you from rolling your own. Leave it to quality-based  Altitude Organic Medicine to put forth such a line: the wholesaleable Black Label takes their regular ground-nugget Canna Cones to a new level with Colorado Gold, their branded solvent-free organic hash. As the brand slogan accurately suggests, “Anything else is just a joint.”

Our sample pack had a nug base of Dr. Who. Fresh aromas exploded from the box, a mixture of citrus and organic tart of pine, half-sweet, half-sour. The taste also echoed of lemon; the entire palate of flavors followed-through, and thankfully survived more than just a few hits, as the cone made its way around the room.

The hash was well-distributed and smoked clean and clear for the full-duration with the perfect “punch.” First effects loosened the legs and relaxed the spine, but the heart pounded. Functionality hadn’t failed us yet, but a second pass fixed that. The shoulders dropped and a buzz began in the face and extended to the knees. Over the next five minutes, it grew to a maddening intensity and near-nervous spasticity.

A strange mix of zombie-like symptoms ensued; we were walking dead, but had goals firmly in mind. With the head rush and energy boost came confidence and drive, say, for a marathon, to jam, or to clean the house--with the kind of body reminiscent of a valerian tease. Cerebrally, we became lazy and distracted, unable to continue ideas from one step to the next. In each case, atmospheric simplicity was best, in order to focus.

The senses continued to increase over time and silence was unnerving. The room seemed to drop in temperature, and slight paranoia accompanied the louder, stranger sights and sounds. Our slowed-response lapse caused dumb mistakes, from spelling errors to forgetting items on grocery list. Physically, accuracy, perfection, refinement and practice, were all impaired, and pleasurably.

The strongest two hours gave way to residual remnants for another hour or two. Munchies were rampant and ranged between sweet and salty extremes; pizza went extremely well with a blood orange cocktail. Overall, the high was curiously inspiring, not in wanting to continue a creative or laborious project, but to start a new one. Save the Black Label for a Friday night treat, but know that you might become inspired and active, long before succumbing to the urge to relax.

Photography from Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia