Blue Dream from Canna Meds

Blue Dream from Canna Meds

July 15, 2015

One of Blue Dream’s signature effects is that it combines the euphoric, laid-back mood of blueberry, and the energy and attentiveness of genuine Haze. The harvest from Canna Meds certainly appeared ready to deliver those effects, with fruity, bright green nuggetry of burly girth. The bud itself was almost crystalline, a “solid green diamond” that “glittered all the way to the stem.” Critics noted a multitude of tastes and aromas, including blossoms, floral perfume, chem, and sweet tarts.

  The first 30 seconds brought on a squinty-eyed mayhem full of voices and noises and blurred visions. The fanfare was almost too much to handle first thing in the morning -- an abrupt  wake and bake for the team. Rocked back, a block sat upon the head as a sweeping sensation bolted from lips to the neck, and ran down the spine. For the next several minutes, the body seemed to bob between extremes, powering up and down, as the high first affected wakefulness. Those that hugged their coffee mugs were glad they did.

  Still, once into the right state of mind, we were at peace. The brain had recovered from a 5-minute starting explosion, distracted by the fuzzy processing of the universe, and hilarious details. “It’s exhilarating,” one critic said. “Woke up with a crick in my neck and it’s already gone!” The relief washed over the body for the next two hours, with the cranial lock lasting 2-3 hours longer. Munchies urges ranged from the simple (“a bowl of cereal”) to the extreme (“twinkies” and, “my whole fridge”).

  One hit was was perfect for work, albeit with a warning: it did not help tune out the annoying, “Office Space” people-quirks that drive us mad--rather, those things stood out more. Distractions and tangents came much faster than they could be be dismissed. But for treks outdoors or independent projects, the lull was both peaceful and stress-free. Use for a good jam in the garage, or any lower-key activity to allow hardcore zone-out.

  Adventurous but occasionally sloppy, we were happy, relaxed, and not too worried about the way we came about; in that regard, it was not refined or uptight, but lethargic and old-fashioned. It made the strain more adaptable to social situations, even though the preferred ambience was a quiet beach on a weekday morning. “My focus was fine,” wrote one critic. “When preoccupied, it was easy to get lost in that one thing without any major distractions.”

    In the end, the ethereal Blue Dream experience was one that sought novelty and stimulus. Not ideal for sitting inside--unless you have access to a jukebox or Netflix--so head into the mountains with this beauty, and a pair of binoculars.