Cactus Breath from Abundant Organics/Oasis

Cactus Breath from Abundant Organics/Oasis

July 18, 2019

Like a dessert jubilee comes the sentimental and brain-bending mayhem of Cactus Breath, a doppelganger Indica of both starry-eyed jouissance and deep undertow. The strain is known for strong long-lasting high on both sides of the cerebral/body spectrum, making for a quintessential summer strain. We were excited to review the local version found at Oasis Dispensaries grown by Abundant Organics, whose selection was particularly exploding with terpenes. 

The nuggets were huge and dense, absolutely blanketed with crystals, with a full beard of Baltic amber hairs. True to form, the strain combined the sweet and creamy Mendo Breath with the earthy sour pear of Cactus, with a note of grapefruit. The result was tart and bright, filling the room with an unmaskable candy-like fragrance as we ground through the meaty morsels.

The spark was clean and pure, and not overwhelmingly disabling. A calming heaviness sat on the eyelids as each breath drew us backward. The creeping reverberations told of a growing roller-coaster drop, one that came suddenly and full-body as gravity took hold, and then--the stone was upon us. Disarmed as we were, there was still energy coursing through our veins. 

The mood fell somewhere between awe and relief, as if we’d each reached some long-sought destination on the proverbial mountain peak. Yet there remained a lilt of mystery about the world; with whimsy we approached the adventures. A concert in the park was more enjoyable and we couldn’t help but groove and bounce along to the music in a free and relaxed state. This was a strain for a bright comedy, or catching up with friends, as every uplifting moment was enhanced.

Not one for brevity, we were still “vibing like mad” for up to four hours later. One critic with chronic pain noted that with proper dosing, the strain could be ideal for any time of the day; the pain alleviation was notable and long-lasting, even beyond the cerebral part of the experience. Many of us had dozed off by the end; she was a mighty post-dinner “pick-me-up” with an easy-going landing just before bed.