Cannatonic High CBD Ultra Refined Sap from AOM

Cannatonic High CBD Ultra Refined Sap from AOM

September 17, 2020

It goes without saying that the quality of a concentrate depends largely on the quality of the plant. It’s no mystery, then, how AOM’s careful cultivation of the Cannatonic strain for over five years has produced a venerable pain reliever of unmatched magnitude, packed with a truckload of CBD, and just enough THC to provide pleasant, accompanying euphoria. Now for the kicker: try it as ultra-refined sap, processed by the equally-expert dab-aficionados at Oilwell.

The top shelf selection, an all-organic 50/50 hybrid with a 7:1 ratio of CBD to THC, was beautiful in sap form, dark like wildflower honey, sweet and thick, but translucent. Lime, spearmint and other hints of citrus splashed through, “almost like a mojito,” which hit smooth and subtle, if not, completely out of this world. “What a unique taste!” one raved, “I say go try it just for the taste!”

Dabbing brought on the effects instantly. A sudden head rush and tingle behind the eyes bloomed into a full-body ride down the river rapids. “I can’t believe how stoned I actually am!” one even blurted. Yet, we were talkative and focused, with a somehow-clear focus despite the sensations. Subsequent puffing brought on a total rush, piling on both numbness and determined energy in an ironic twist.  

“Cool, calm, and collected,” the aches that had dominated life lately for one critic melted away in significant fashion. “For once in a long time my legs aren’t consumed with neuropathy pains--I can actually feel my feet,” he wrote, amazed. “I didn’t expect this would kill the pain better than the pharma I have been prescribed. If you're looking for a non-pharmaceutical answer to ailments, this is a viable option.”

Even for those without extreme pain, the reflection, motivation and mobility were worth the trip. “My mind is the exact opposite of bogged down. This is a really great feeling,” a veteran critic noted. “I was so skeptical at first, being a man who loves to smash dabs--I was a little weary at the [low] THC content,” he admitted, adding, “I am surprisingly high.” Each hit brought on at least 45-60 minutes of “full benefits” -- and unlike so many other CBD products, kept us going throughout the day instead of sinking us into our chairs.

THC: 9.4%  CBD:68.1%  7:1 ratio CBD:THC