Charlie Sheen OG from RedEye Releaf

Charlie Sheen OG from RedEye Releaf

April 9, 2015

Charlie Sheen may not be the cool superstar that he used to be, but the memory of his younger, vibrant self still lives on in Charlie Sheen OG, a social strain with a long-lasting high. It’s the the kind of bud you’d expect to find living it up on the shores of Malibu, and we got ours from the always-impressive RedEye Releaf.

 The nug reeked like a spicy kush, tending to the chemmy side but certainly in a pleasant way. It wore a subtle purple hue and was covered in both dense crystal and blood orange hairs. Cracked open, the citrus aroma was overwhelming, like overripe mango - not the kind of bud to carry without smell-proof container. More lemon and lime emerged upon loading and spark.   

 Even after the first hit we were already shaky. The lightning riveted through the head powerfully and uniformly within seconds, jolting us into cross-eyed merry-makers for a moment. The electricity continued to dance throughout the limbs while the head, from its cloudy perch, found a moment of clarity.

 “Very body with good focus,” journaled one critic. “Faded focus. A little jittery. Can concentrate but can’t always put syntax together or do things in succession. Random and here and there. excellent.” Critics loved the connectivity, confidence, and “really good pain-killing.” Creativity was expressive, but not vocal or renegade. We sat and enjoyed our safe exploration.

 Foggy-eyed still after an hour, we grew somewhat restless and needed to get out. The disorganization was suddenly widespread. Someone picked up the guitar to play, not sure of what else to do--but not much could be done. With every added stimulus, the brain slowed considerably in processing speed.

 Without a to-do list, any day high could be wasted doing what seems to be intrinsic character-building, all amounting to a cadet’s unproductive haze. Probably good for a day spent hiking mountains, this also isn’t the sort of selection to enjoy sitting idle. Charlie Sheen won’t hamper your daily employ too much, but don’t expect to wow the boss with any analysis or math. In the end we were all hard-phased, but contemplative, and without burnout. Grab this bud for a weekend out of town or any 4-hour walk on the wild side.

Photography from Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia