Golden Goat from Three Rivers

Golden Goat from Three Rivers

September 17, 2020

By now the story of Golden Goat hardly needs to be retold -- but the overwhelming conclusion is that surprising (albeit, explosively fruity) accidents can happen in unexpected locations (Wheat Belt, America). That fortuitous accident, the lovechild of Island Sweet Skunk and Hawaiian Romulan, is just about sativa-leaning as flowers come. Another surprise? That despite the Goat’s signature cerebral nuttiness, puffing can actually make you more efficient than normal.

Three Rivers Dispensary sent over a meaty bunch of rugged buds that were appropriately golden-blonde, shimmering in the light from crystals, with a coiffure of tangerine pistils. The super-dank stench sliced through the air with a spicy, pine essence made only nuclear with the grind. Her palate was sharp and full of other harmonious aromas--berries, tropical or even passion fruit--all followed by a woody, organic finish.

The pleasant spark hit smooth, whipping us head-first into the clouds. The few moments that followed were a blur. A few of us didn’t even bother to finish the joint. The combination of sudden and exhilarating euphoria, matched with a sudden loosening of tense nerves, made for quite the spectacle as we oozed around, quite aware of the sensation, but as if watching ourselves from outside of a dream.

The cloudy head subsided somewhat, but not without some of the adventurous drive that propelled us into the world. One critic, partaking shortly before a bus trip to Cripple Creek, said he was riveted by a thought-provoking focus, but not to the point of paranoia. “It gave me plenty of energy but didn't really give me the negative side of sativas,” he wrote. Although somewhat psychedelic and foggy, we were surprisingly jovial and readily social throughout. 

Self-actualization-style epiphanies were commonplace as was the almost-mechanical rhythm pushing us to do or create (although it was a little difficult to just “pick up the pen without inspiration”). “I would totally buy this for my personal stash,” noted a critic near the end. Another wrote, “Not one disappointing moment. I was a zooming philosopher for over three hours.” Make sure to grab this one for your repertoire--and treat yourself to some unexpected surprises.