Headstash from Epic Remedy

Headstash from Epic Remedy

May 21, 2019

GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) is so common in stores that it’s always refreshing to try a new take. The Colorado-inspired Headstash combines that popular strain with Cherrie Pie and KarmaRado OG--both state creations--as well as Biker Kush. An indica with crazy mental magnitude, our first crack at this super-rare specimen came just in time for 4/20, with a beautiful nugget from Epic Remedy.

The morsels were chunky and spongy, perfectly cured and neatly trimmed right down the bud. They broke apart very nicely, without crumbling to dust. Her aroma was complex and ranged from sweet lemon-pine to musky dark caramel and grape undertones. “It’s like a tropical fruit cocktail with sugar on the rim,” said one critic. “Also reminds me of Headband.”

The spark left a pleasant full-bodied cream flavor on the lips, as our faces began to vibe hard and effects gradually spread. The first wave submerged the crown of the head for an eternal moment, and everything around us stalled into to slow motion. Our bodies buzzed with an uplifting levity and we couldn’t help but feel pure joy.

The pain alleviation was impressive; it was a miracle-bud. Two critics reported stabbing back aches -- where neck and shoulder blade meet -- causing chronic pain and sleepless nights. They both noted the acute pinch had subsided during the high; a couple of puffs were “better than Advil” and went to work quick. With the relief came waves of lethargy, but moods were far from dampened - someone brought out the Golden Girls Clue game and we stonedly figured out how to play, laughing the whole time.

It was difficult not to end the experience without ten extra pounds on the eyelids, calling us to dreamland. Slumber came suddenly, as if shutting off the lights, but the pain relief lasted until morning. “Be careful, or you’ll find yourself walking again and again into the kitchen and zombie-eating your way through a bag of Oreos before bed,” wrote one critic. “Not that it’s a bad thing.” In the end, Headstash delivered a novel chill, with a light-hearted but familiar recipe for comfort.