Jupiter Badder from CEC

Jupiter Badder from CEC

May 24, 2020

It’s always a treat to dab the Colorado Extract Company line. Their signature cold-cured SHO rosin badder is immaculate, made with Altitude Organic Medicine’s top-shelf flower “manipulated into its purest form using only water, heat and pressure.” This issue’s selection was a special treat, using the dispensary’s crop of Jupiter, an indica-leaning cross of Chem 4 and Goliath, which creates a rosin particularly known for some crazy, gushing terpenes.  

Our sample was a creamy gem, the color of flan, "almost glittery, almost fluid, and really quite pretty." Her consistency was like that of an all natural nut butter, moldable and fluffy yet firm, radiating an amazing essence of orange and passionfruit, enough to wish it was edible. It hit just as deliciously.

The first puff was an egg-scrambler. “Woah, just, woah,” was all that could be written. It was a few minutes before we could even put down the dabber, completely unaware of where we were and what we were doing -- but in the good way, a total and irreversible submersion so complete that the world turned off completely. The skin became a canvas of goosebumps as a shiver rang throughout the body, as if raising off the ground, pulled by a million pin-pricks.

We were stoned stupid, “I mean, like I have rocks in my shoes and I'm trying to run a 5k,” wrote one critic. For at least an hour we climbed a series of peaks in the clouds. It was crème de la crème; there was no comparison, but we tried: This was like full octane compared to decaf coffee. "A full pig at a luau" versus a “slice of lunch meat.” It surpassed the limit of highness most of us could withstand before turning into mush. I legit drooled on myself," scribbled one, "Not proud but it's real." And that was just after one puff. 

Our planetary journeys were each unique, as the balance of body and mind skewed from person to person. “I could do some serious exploring,” wrote one ambitious critic, while another reported loving his couch. The late afternoon toke gave us all major munchies--and dinner was absolutely heavenly, no matter the platter (including meatloaf). Not until we’d fully returned to normalcy did we realize just how far into space we’d ventured: to another plane of existence entirely.