Lucinda Williams from 3 Rivers

Lucinda Williams from 3 Rivers

May 21, 2019

Nowadays, Lucinda Williams may be more infamous than its parent, Willy’s Wonder (a “signature” Willy Nelson). She packs a pair of wallops, on both ends of the spectrum, with characteristics from a sativa Cinderella 99 lineage too. The result is a social, easy-going hybrid, perfect for making close connections with those around you, whilst meandering a lazy river that only slows over time.

We were jazzed to try a sample from Three Rivers. The nugs were sticky and covered in trichs, but perfectly groomed and brilliant like a “putting green.” Floral and tart, her tropical sour smell--reminiscent of sun-dried mango and tangerine--filled the room with skunky pungence. “Very fresh and organic,” a critic noted. “Would pair well with a WeldWerks Juicy Bits IPA.”

The hit was a rocket through the stars, a super-potent ear-splitter that put us grinning in shock, pulverized and frozen in place. Like the vacuum of space, we sat in anti-gravity, tongue-tied and dumbfounded, for several minutes. A creeping undertow merged with the cerebral hammer, pushing the envelope higher. The world around us became more groovy, while our feet gradually became lead weights.

When we’d settled into cozy chairs, the real fun began. The flower greased the wheels of inspiration, allowing more cohesive writing and introspection. Although there wasn’t a need for camaraderie, everything was brighter and more uplifting--we hadn’t lost the energy to hang out. Munchies hit hard and we over-indulged. But there was also a soothing, reassuring tranquility to the high, allowing us to slow our breathing and find more comfort in our surroundings.

Several hours later we descended from the skies cerebrally, but the relief continued. Anxiety and worries had melted away, and now seemed less ominous to face. Moods lifted yet mellowed, this was the quintessential whirlwind strain, sparking like a sativa and finishing indica. In close-knit groups where extreme lounging is encouraged, this bud is the tie that binds.