OGKB from A Cut Above

OGKB from A Cut Above

March 25, 2020

Your choice-of-fire can really affect your day. Sometimes you just need danceability, the kind of silly psychedelia that breaks you right into groovin’ at the store without thinking. The kind of hit that stones you into next week. If so, you’re talking about OG Kush Breath, namely, OGKB from A Cut Above, where they’ve impressively mastered the skill of turning their nuggets into pure morsels of mind-melting sugar.

Our sample could have been a strain cup contender. The buds were luscious, dark forest green with hints of blues and purples, with an amazing coat of soft powdery crystals almost to the point of complete-cover. Like a farmer’s market, spicy hints of berries and citrus, along with a musk of floral bouquets hit us out of the jar. The grind was even more fruity and creamy, “like a peanut butter jelly sandwich.” 

Our first puff was a teeth-clencher, a real check-your-balance “wham” that left us teetering. It was as if we were towering cumulonimbus clouds, with huge electrical systems building up in our chests, rolling, rippling, up into the mind then down again, further down into the core until lightning shot from our fingers. So hard was it to write, or even talk for the first few minutes that we could only exchange glazed but riveted smiles of satisfied wonder. 

Ranging from rudimentary giggles to the seeing-things, hearing-things psychedelia that ensued, this one made the day extremely interesting. One critic, with an hour-commute full of benches and connecting buses, said the accompanying stone of this magnitude made the journey fully-cinematic, in full introspection as if watching himself from inside a theater, “Like suddenly you’re the star with a soundtrack.”“Not outpacing my brain but optimizing it,” another wrote, fielding “a million thoughts fluttering behind my eyes and hidden from everyone else.”

To say it was a hit is an understatement. “We loved every second of it,” one critic raved. Another kept referring to being “higher than the top of a giraffe’s head.” With all pain completely erased for the duration, our muscles were light as feathers, primed for activity, ideal to start “dancing around.” It wasn’t the stone we expected from an indica on the GSC line -- but something we’ll be returning for. “I just feel so alive,” one wrote, “it was glorious.”