Punch Breath from Epic Remedy

Punch Breath from Epic Remedy

February 22, 2020

There are simple breeds and crosses in this world--and then there’s strains like Punch Breath, whose place on the cannabis family tree is way up at the top where so many other branches converge. Given how widely the plant can vary, we were excited to find an unwieldy Punch Breath harvest nearby at The Epic Remedy. Sure, it might conjure long periods of amused staring -- but can literally decimate any type of pain, and keep it at bay for hours.

   Green like a “1970s shag carpet” our sample nuggets were tight and tidy, covered in feather-like wisps of cinnamon-colored hair with splotches of plum, all shimmering with tiny crystals. The essence was mostly woody and organic, with hints of berries, cream and sugar, even a “strawberry-blackberry glaze on a pound cake,” when broken open. The grinder essentially turned it into a pile of near-pure keef.

   We “spaced out quite quickly, the mind went on sudden vacation,” one critic joked. That first puff zapped us with a rush of relief, in smooth calming sensations that began in the face and cascaded down. Tingles and pin-pricks played prelude to an inner pulse like a dancebeat as the waves plundered the consciousness, halting every thought, and pouring happiness over like warm maple syrup. Comical like juveniles, we were jovial, carefree, even “fascinated by our laughter,” and it was glorious. 

   After several minutes the high branched out - from head, to back, and into the extremities, literally erasing all pain. Meanwhile the mellowed mind “restored my inner child” noted one critic, “I felt totally relaxed and giddy.” We were a little sped up, frantic, and at times silly and even a little weirded out by the world--but even the most uptight and somber individuals opened up in bright conversation. 

   As our vigor waned, it was great to unwind with a show or ball game. The zone-out increased, and we were lulled, staring in forgetful haze. Still, our liberated joints and muscle remained, along with all the enlightened optimism. Even as evening fatigue crept in, remnants of hilarious madness lingered for a long time. “I’m not going to lie, this bud could make even the worst thing be OK,” reported one critic, “I would pay top dollar for more.”