Quality Choice Sour Diesel Rosin

Quality Choice Sour Diesel Rosin

May 11, 2016

For a solvent-less extract that tops any shatter or wax, you’ll need to turn to the expert cannasseurs at Quality Choice. Simply put, they've created a super potent (and byproduct-free) rosin that deserves every bit of praise we can muster. If we were told to choose one extract, concentrate or flower to smoke for the rest of our lives - this would be a main contender.

  As we unwrapped our ravishing sample, derived from Sour Diesel, the overwhelming scent of sweet pine and tangerines immediately launched an olfactory assault. The pungent smell alone prompted drooling. Her waxy appearance reminded us of creamy brown butter, but unlike its dairy doppelgänger, this rosin easily broke apart like a moist cookie.

  The first dab felt like a line drive straight to the dome. The sharp organic taste and “super clean high” gave way to a wakeful and focused sense of mind. Moods lifted, conversations flowed and blurry-eyed smiles replaced mundane late-morning stares. Whispers of ordering a pizza surfaced, as a raging case of the munchies came out of nowhere.

  The pulsating body buzz resonated strongest for over an hour, but did not die out. One particularly nice feature of this selection is that its long-lasting high remained steadfast and unwavering for a remarkable 2-3 hours. Even during the inevitable comedown, we felt totally alert and unclouded.

  Although near-perfect, this is not the ideal bedtime smoke unless you enjoy racing through your thoughts in the dark. We all agreed that one mere dab more than sufficed for us all, however, if venturing deeper into the rabbit hole, take snacks. Pair with good friends, Mountain Dew and a supreme pizza, as this gem was made for social situations.