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June 17, 2018
San Francisco, CA

From Sean Tron
Winner of the 2014 710 Cup

Sean Tron, a local hash-maker, claimed the title of this year’s 710 Cup, with his Pre-Jilly made from trim from The Health Center. We were fortunate enough to try some of Sean’s San Fernando Valley OG Kush shatter, which he aims to launch as a flagship selection from Craft Concentrates, his new company. After sampling his talent first-hand, we can’t wait to see what other concentrates or infused products he has up his sleeve.
   She arrived sticky and malleable, with full stretch and snap when broken. The see-through, glossy amber was immediately tempting “Wow! Gorgeous color - a blondie!” one enthusiastic critic noted. Although not extremely profound, the sample carried the perfume of sugary citrus and Dahlia flowers.
   Not surprisingly, this was a powerful treat. The first 20 minutes were exhilarating, right from  first dab. Starting in the back of the neck and tingling down through the spine, a release of muscle tension accompanied the spacy near-vertigo from a strong climb. And it didn’t stop.
   After 45 minutes the climb had slowed but was far from peaking for at least 30-60 minutes more. Calm and clear-headed as we fell into our grooves, the general mood was “satisfied,” with only one critic notably fidgety with nervous energy. Philosophical conversation was fairly routine, and it was the only thing we could really engage in productively, until uplifted out of the initial rush.
   No one was hungry right away, although cravings included “citrus fish and thyme” with another critic extremely-fixated on finding “pizza” and maybe watching “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Most chose to follow the smoke with gin and juice or Tommy-Knockers. One person went jogging.
   “Enjoy my friends -- less is more!” wrote one, “Don’t do a huge dab.” Another reported, “It was hard to gauge how much to use. I probably only needed half of that, not that I’m complaining,” and warned, “Don’t go internet shopping after smoking this.”

Photo by Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia

Published on November 2, 2014
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