Sizzurp from Doctor's Orders

Sizzurp from Doctor's Orders

November 22, 2019

Sometimes you need an indica that won’t immediately subdue you into oblivion - why not get the functionality you need while your pain relief is in full swing! One flower that makes that work is Sizzurp, a connoisseur’s strain that combines the joyful euphoria of GSC child Cookies and Cream with the Bubba Kush-derived Spirit in the Sky, all tied together in a fruity, spastic yet relaxed melange. We received our sample from Doctor's Orders and excitedly sat down late afternoon, with to-do list in hand.

   The jar bubbled with a fruity essence that filled the room like a freshly open pack of bubblegum. The flowers were well-cured and broke apart nicely without over dryness. They were dense and bright, with burly red beards and the slightest lilt of mint and blossoms. The trichome cover was amazing, as if was rolled in fine sand. Ground, she erupted with a spicy, woody essence that was distantly reminiscent of a pinot noir-flavored Jolly Rancher.

   First effects turned our heads upside down. “The mind is moving fast but the body is idling,” whispered our bowl-sparker when finally she could speak. Senses heightened, the environment presented new and novel items as our paces slowed and the world around us slammed the brakes. “The music is just a little sweeter and I’m hearing individual instrumentation that I don't normally focus on," someone murmured from deep in the couch, "but it’s good, very good.” A tingling passed from lips to the back of the neck and down, slow at first, exponentially growing in soothing waves that never ceased.

   A "serious sense of calm" ushered in after a short while, philosophical and focused. "The analgesic effect, however, is its greatest," it was noted. "The sharp lower back pain is dulling, it’s a bit more comfortable to move around." The critic set off do accomplish that to-do list--and surprisingly completed everything "and then some." Even those less ambitious were able to focus as they strolled. "My stress went out the window really quick," reported another. "I'm slower but more precise."

   Good for a reboot, moment of zen, yoga or evening constitutional, your mind will wander much further than your feet. Lasting 1.5 to 4 hours, the end results were similar. The descent was not so much a coming out of a fog, than it was surrender to a deep pull that had been there from the start, ever creeping up and pacifying every tension until it became clear: it was finally time to slow down and chill in one place, and we were ready.