StarBarz from Dr. J's

StarBarz from Dr. J's

April 9, 2015

Edible: Cherry Cheesecake StarBarz from Dr. J's (also comes in Dark Chocolate, Milk Crispies, and White Chocolate Raspberry)

Hands down, the Star Barz were tempting from the start. Dr. J’s uses some beautiful futuristic packaging - still very childproof -- but inside is the mouth-watering chocolate. Pulling out the creamy white bars, speckled with red cherries--we felt like kids at the candy store, enjoying a gourmet feast. And at 80mg, or eight 10mg servings, the candy bar was conveniently enough to split between two of our heavyweight critics for the ultimate test of potency.

 It broke apart cleanly, magnifying the cherry tart in the air. To a surprising degree, the combination of that fruity resonance, and hues of cheesecake, both in aroma and pallate, masked the tetra-taste with delicious results. “Lightly the Cherry was speckled throughout the cream, and the bar itself worked for any dessert lover, even someone who doesn’t eat cheesecake or white chocolate.”

 Even for dab-lovers, the effects came on fairly quick, well before expected. It began in the head and neck, and caught both critics with inspiring energy. The vibes began as comfortable buzzing but evolved soon into an electric, growing body buzz. “It was relaxing and not too crazy,” remarked one critic a half-hour later. “even now I can feel it behind my eyes.”

 Focus and experience both grew over time. ““I was clear headed enough to finish all my work for the day and to make sure dinner was on the table - it’s great to feel uplifted and not so couch-locked.” The mood was relaxed and serene, and there weren’t any mad pantry raids. “The only thing I wanted, was to melt down the chocolate and cover some pretzels,” raved one critic, “and a big glass of milk.”

 The effects, at that point, rocketed both critics to suddenly new and higher planes. The body went from buzzing, to hanging out with the stars. “I’m vibing my face off!” one noted energetically. “This is a complete surprise. I usually require a lot higher dosage to feel this kind of effect. Dose carefully.” Ideally, the experience was well suited for “grilling,” a “Red Rocks concert,” or “extreme grocery shopping.”

 “It was an efficient and dependable way to get pain relief and do something more active like work around the house. Everything was more enjoyable--everything.” Dazed, the critics attempted to move on to books or thinking activities, only to find their focus newly dissolved. “Clear your afternoon and get out the records,” suggested one critic. “This puts you in your spot for the day. It’s as potent as it is a lip-smacker.”

 From the onset, the climb lasted 30-60 minutes, depending on tolerance, with a 2-3 hour plateau, and another 2-4 hour descent. Whether you eat the whole bar, or just a couple pieces, be forewarned: “it takes 18 minutes to kick in on an empty stomach.”

Photography from Jason Barlow