Strawbanana Cream from Epic Remedy

Strawbanana Cream from Epic Remedy

September 17, 2020

Sometimes you just need a fail-safe smoke: flower so completely powerful that you can just write-off the afternoon and excuse yourself from doing anything productive. That sure-fire brain-melting mellow doesn’t just “happen” though--and even the best-known genotypes can fail in a pinch. Thankfully Epic Remedy has been harvesting the sativa-leaning Strawbanana Cream, a sure-fire Strawberry Banana and White OG cross that hits like drinking a milkshake of madness.

The nuggets were pleasantly dense, perfectly trimmed with tiny stems--no waste when ground, i.e., major bang-for-buck. They were deep green with bronze stubble and “striking red-lightning streaks,” and a tart, peppery smell that seemed to blast straight through the container. Creamy, sugary and woody, a sharp lemon-pine pungence filled the room as we rolled a blunt, and remained sticky on the fingers.

Although not immediately impairing, the first puff brought a “nice, almost instant take off,” hitting some of us like a train. “It dumbed us down. Basically drooling on our shirts,” wrote a pair of spaced-out critics. As the minutes passed, the incredible weight of the high fell upon us. “Kinda seeing in freeze frames,” wrote another, gripped by psychedelia, “like everything has a lag.”

The results were mixed--but overall, pulverizing. “I am dumb stoned,” one wrote, “like chocolate melting in the car.” Minor tasks were incredibly difficult and creative activities, although fun and eye-opening, turned out sloppy. A few of us fell quiet, lulled by the intense pain relief, which brought on a reclusive feebleness as prelude to a long nap. Through it all, the free-roaming, wandering mind brought us to a comfortable place of disconnection from the world around us.

At the end of the experience--2-3 hours later at least--the critics were unanimous with their accolades. One critic with MS found the mellow tone helped him sit without pain and take stronger, straighter steps. “Easy to break up, easy to roll, easy to smoke, tasty, calming, quick high, nice mellow come down,” reported another. “Definitely not much you could improve...NAILED IT, EPIC.”