The Wookies #1 from A Cut Above

The Wookies #1 from A Cut Above

January 17, 2015

In almost every issue we critique a strain bearing a moniker from Star Wars lore. Many celebrate the recognized icons like Skywalker and Death Star, while nerdier ganja gurus go for alien strains like Ewok, Chewbacca, and the aptly-named Ponda Baba. So we were excited to introduce ourselves to Wookie--signature bud from A Cut Above--and a furry, plump specimen with dark hues like eggplant, all shimmering in frost. “She was like a crystallized ginger tree with caramel tentacles,” wrote one critic. “Her aromas reminded me of sweet coffee and crisp air on a snowy morning.”

  Wookie’s high was romantic and nostalgic, one for good friends and stories of yore. Like old wise folk we stood around a mid-afternoon fire pit to warm our winter chills. The camaraderie was immediately engaging and we couldn’t help but share personal memories, like tales of sneaking away to chief on birthdays and holidays in years past.

  Our launch into space was happy, with both creative and motor energy, with a strong and continuous climb for the first hour. “At first I was elated and bedazzled by the day,” one wrote. “But after the initial effects wore off I just wanted to sit on the couch.” We felt great but weren’t overly active--although in warmer climes we were eager to escape our cabin fever. We longed to be out frolfing in the summer air.

  Wookie was certainly the fitting strain to accompany Hans Solo on the Millenium Falcon. “I really love the high,” raved one critic, “like I’m being hugged in a big robe, yet I’m comfortably alert and not socially awkward.” A few of us played Gin Rummy, and had fun despite not playing the right cards. Munchies were not an issue, although at least a few people ran out for Pizza Hut and Sprechers Cream Soda. Another critic craved cheddar soup and chai tea, in the mood for something spicy and warm.

  As the hours went on, we departed in separate ways but in good spirits. “I watched New Girl and doodled,” one reported later. Another pair set off to go sledding. An adventurous mellow settled in. Finally there came a definitive decrescendo for all, just 2-3 hours in. Most headed for zone-out at home; one critic was bound for an “endless bed of pillows.”

Photography from Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia