Third Coast Headies: Biggest Selection of Headies in Town

Third Coast Headies: Biggest Selection of Headies in Town

September 17, 2020

These days it seems just about any store sells some device or otherwise you can smoke from, from tobacco stores to the 7-Eleven down the street. But there’s something absolutely lacking about a store that doesn’t appreciate the time and vision that goes into making the ornate, beautiful spectacles that most tokers only dream of sparking. And that’s where Colorado Springs’ newest glass shop, Third Coast Headies, comes in.

A convenient destination on any budget, first time purchases get you a free dab straw or chillum, which rocks. But it’s not just that they have something in every price range (they really do) -- they also offer payment plans, just in case you’re suddenly struck with the impulse to take home a bubbler that looks like, say, the grim reaper. Not an option you’re going to find at the 7-Eleven, much less, the choice in handiwork.

It’s no secret the store launched with a focus on options (“Biggest selection of Headies in town”), featuring well-respected glass artists. To start, they’ve got you covered on vapes, eBox kits, Puff Bars, exotic rolling papers, the works. But it’s worth a trip to check out the extensive selection of American-made glass, from both local and nationally-established masters like Jolex, Glass Mechanic, Big Z, Phil Siegel, Eusheen, Chaka, and Hic Dogg. Fan favorites include products Stick Man, Mattz, Kidakus Glass, and Bear Mountain Studios--just to name a few.

One featured piece, the 100% borosilicate Dragon Throne Recycler, stood out as the perfect poster child for such designer glass. Artist Helldog, a glass blower with over 10 years behind the torch, says the recycler function in the rig is “like none other” and “the first of its kind.” It’s not a typical barrel recycler, but creates a unique pull system to create the cyclone, using a novel chamber system. That, and the actual dragon holds a free-spinning marble, no joke. If you’re in the market for a new centerpiece for the mantle, this is it.

All the creations here are just as inspired--and each starts a new chapter with its new owner no matter how intricate. And with a glass blowing studio on the way, Third Coast Headies is doing everything possible to bring the craft front and center for customers, all curated by absolute glass fanatics. Forget the store down the street; this brand of savvy is rare, even by glass shop standards.