Tres Star from Epic Remedy

Tres Star from Epic Remedy

May 24, 2020

Tres Star is a lesser-know--but powerful--Afghani-Chemdawg backcross best suited “for those long days that you want to escape from,” according to the growers at Epic Remedy. And we’re inclined to agree: the hybrid makes it easy to enjoy the gonzo head of Chem, with the absurdly-potent anchor of an age-old Himilayan indica. If the psychedelic daze doesn’t sideline you first, the weight in your limbs definitely will.

Our nugs were tidy, tight yet fluffy, striped in sun-red hairs and "consumed" in a cover of  honey-colored crystals. Like late-spring forest, the buds carried the scent of fresh pine and blossoms, organic and sharply sweet ‘n sour. It's the “CoverGirl of Cannabis, GanjaGal if you will," wrote one critic. "Hits smooth!"

The pulverization was near-instant, as was the good mood. Surprised by the quick surge, critics reported being knocked off their feet, with a “slam, derp and drool.” We were seriously floored for “a good 10 minutes of intense duh” while it was either “pointless or too hard to move,” but with rising giddiness in spite of the inability to communicate. It didn’t last long, but the “onslaught of stoned, sinking quicksand”  was heavy enough to plant us in our seats, staring straight forward whether there was a screen or person to look at, or nothing at all.

Although slightly sedated and couchlocked, critics reported “ridiculous focus on unimportant stuff”--really, the hallmark of the strain. It was intense in the brain, but in such a way that  nothing in particular was important, leaving us blissful and carefree. For two hours of mental chess--or maybe, a mesmerizing, waking dream--we enjoyed the tingly warm sensations throughout the body while bobbing between one distraction to the next.

The most intense period descended into a long reverberation. “Pretty darned good--I think this will be a repeat strain,” remarked an impressed critic. From her immediate effects to the bubbling, unmotivated meandering, we liked Tres Star’s reserve energy (stored and hidden away only if needed) -- but were totally fine with the more dominant impulse to hibernate, “laying there watching the kitten.” Just be warned, once you sit down, you’ll find it very hard to get up again.