Wizard Breath Raw Rosin from CEC using AOM Flower

Wizard Breath Raw Rosin from CEC using AOM Flower

November 22, 2019

Wizard Breath flower looks like it sounds. Combining the stinky Grandpa Breath and violet buds of Blissful Wizard, it’s a purple, iridescent gem that teems with skunky citrus and cream, and looks like the frozen breath of a winter warlock. Few carry its concentrate form, so we felt honored to sample the raw rosin processed by Colorado Extract Company (CEC), using Altitude Organic Medicine’s organic, top-shelf crop. 

   The specimen was amazingly crystal clear and smooth, like a delicate shaving of light golden butter. Nearly transparent (CEC recommends refrigeration until serving to keep that clarity), she was sticky at room temperature but very easy to manipulate. It wasn’t too gooey, but remained intact and resilient. Other than her berry-Kush essence, it was like creamy air on the lips, like puffing a golden cloud. 

   One long dab was all it took. We were soaring, and not in the two-feet-above the ground sense, but far above the plane and unable to reach earth for several minutes. The “simultaneous shock” to the system was a taser to the brain, setting off a storm of neurons bouncing from epiphany to memory back to the gripping duel with balance, while the body went limp, numb and zapped. “At first it was almost too much, I was riding the edge of the mountain,” croaked one critic. On the other hand “every ounce of neck pain from the day was gone, vanished,” within fifteen minutes.

   For most of us, the strain slowed velocity, but we were functionally well-set to adventure for hours, as long as we’d resolved to move. Every single thing was hilarious, the radio commercials in the next room, stupid puns, and with the hilarity came a calming sense of safety and coziness. The world around us felt a “cinematic storyline that could break into spontaneous song and dance at any moment like Ferris Bueller.” 

   When finally the fog lifted, we were able to resume some activities, still spellbound and dumbstruck, poetic and weird in a magical way. Evening tokers loved it as a nightcap; sleep did come, but not without a prelude by elephants on parade. Really, this dazzling wonder was perfect any time of day, as long as no other responsibilities awaited. It’s the ideal stocking-stuffer for an indica lover who digs a kaleidoscope of psychedelia, and an introspective journey around the bend.