Biddy Early


Amsterdam-based Magus Genetics created the Biddy Early cultivar as a combination of Early Skunk and Warlock. The strain’s name possibly refers to a 19th-century Irish woman, who drew witchcraft accusations with her talent for folk healing. The top reported aromas of Biddy Early are lemon, floral, and pungent diesel. Its flavors are acrider, with notes of citrus and gasoline. Biddy Early is the winner of the following awards: 2nd place for Best Outdoor at the 2010 Highlife Cup 2nd place for Best Outdoor at the 2004 Highlife Cup 2nd place for Best sativa at the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup

Grow Information

Biddy Early is a sativa-leaning hybrid that develops Christmas tree-shaped plants that reach heights up to seven feet tall. The strain is well-suited for outdoor gardens, preferring colder climates with plenty of sunshine. Indoor growers should give Biddy Early plenty of light to produce similar yields at flowering time. The strain reaches full maturity in eight to nine weeks indoors and early October outdoors. Biddy Early is available as seeds and clones.

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