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Big Sur Holy Bud

Flowering Time No feminized seeds.

Dominance mostly sativa

Bio These were a special gift to a well connected friend from an old grower in big sur she gave them to me because she knew that i loved seeds and would do them right. Can i 100% verify this is the original undiluted or unhybridized big sur holy weed line from perry the monk no can do but what i can say is this is unique oldschool mind ablaze green fire time capsule weed from the big sur mountains. Everybody that has tried this line has fallin in love with it.The plants do great indoors and out and can get quite big. It has genetically purple phenos pink pistilled phenos a less common sativa pheno and loads of hybrid phenos smells range from soggy bread to blueberry menthol it seems to be a afghani mexican hybrid masterfully bred towards the sativa high and the indica frame. The true magic of this strain is the amazing sublime sativa high a beautiful blast from the pastThis seed run was an open pollination of 4 males and 6 females not alot but enough to get the job done... A small population open pollination in a tent means your going to mostly the beans made from the first two males that opened.... The super quick sativa pheno male... And the fat indica dom male...This line is called big sur holy bud to differentiate it from the big sur holy weed lines by hhf danbo and reeferman. Everybody that has tried this line has fallin in love with it. Im really happy to gift this back to the community. Very limited only 30 packs then its up to you to make more!

Origins indoor

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