Pineapple Thai


Pineapple Thai is a landrace variety of cannabis native to Thailand. It is so named for its tropical aroma and flavors, in contrast with Thai landraces’ typical earthy, peppery aroma. The top reported aromas of the Pineapple Thai strain are pineapple, flowers, herbs, and mint. It is said to taste like tropical fruit, pepper, and sweet herbs.

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    Pineapple Thai’s landrace genetics allow the tall, leafy plants to resist most pests and diseases regardless of their growing environment. Outdoor crops can stretch up to 15 feet tall. They prefer semi-humid climates with moderate heat and plentiful sunshine. Indoor gardens can produce boosted yields by using the Screen of Green method. Pineapple Thai flowers in 70 to 77 days indoors and by late October outside. Pineapple Thai is available as clones only.


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