Raspberry Cookies


Raspberry Cookies is the brainchild of the breeders at Haute Genetique, first bred when the team crossed Epik Cookies, a phenotype of GSC, with Pink Champagne. However, the team at CRAFT Collective of California’s Bay Area have their own version, an award-winning cross of Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Kush. True to its name, consumers claim Raspberry Cookies features a sweet berry aroma with the skunky layers of GSC. Its flavors balance a refreshing sweetness with spicy, citrus herbs. CRAFT Collective’s version of Raspberry Cookies won the award for Best Indica in San Francisco’s Patient’s Choice contest in 2015.

Grow Information

Little growing information is available on either Haute Genetique’s or CRAFT Collective’s version of Raspberry Cookies. Both varieties are an indica-leaning hybrid, which indicates a shorter flowering period and squatter, bushier plants. Haute Genetique’s Raspberry Cookies are available as seeds only. CRAFT Collective’s version is unavailable as clones or seeds.

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