Covid and Cannabis Dispensaries - Latest Updates

Covid Updates - Cannabis Dispensaries and Community Access

April 9, 2020

Last Updated 4/16/20 - Are dispensaries open? What kind of service can you expect in your area? Below you’ll find information governing our publication markets. We are here to help inform the cannabis community and will keep this page updated as possible. If you see any missing or outdated information, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

As of early April, most states have issued stay at home orders. Of those with cannabis business, most have deemed dispensaries--both recreational and medical--as essential. Massachusetts is the only to rule recreational use non-essential while allowing medical -- however, many municipalities even in recreational states are enforcing similar limits. 


  • If you feel sick, DO NOT GO to a dispensary -- have a friend or service deliver instead.
  • If you feel sick or have been diagnosed with Covid-19, consider NOT smoking/inhaling cannabis (there are so many other things to choose from these days). Here is a report from CNN on why cannabis smokers should be careful.
  • If you have reason to believe your usual dispensary isn't open or accepting orders, it's best to call ahead.
  • Though precautionary measures may differ, many dispensaries remain open and still accept coupons. Find specials in your area HERE.
  • Honor and protect your friends and family by sani-wiping the bowl before you pass -- or even better, pack your own!


Colorado is under statewide stay-at-home order. Doctors may only consult by video. Only one dispensary, in Boulder, is currently licensed for delivery. Find out more about the state order HERE. In an effort to combat street sales, Governor Polis has relaxed his previous order restricting recreational dispensaries to only curbside business, now allowing open lobbies and bud rooms. Cash sales are not allowed outside buildings but curbside pickup is still available if you pay ahead using card.
   However -- as safety measures vary from store to store, we recommend calling ahead. 


Smoke and Vape Shops are reportedly closed, however this may not be true in certain areas; we recommend calling ahead.

Dispensaries: Both Recreational and Medical remain open. 

Colorado Springs/Pueblo

Smoke and Vape Shops are reportedly closed in person but can take phone orders and ship. In Pueblo, smoke shops can also deliver. 

Dispensaries: Both Recreational and Medical remain open. Curbside pickup allowed but may not be required at medical dispensaries. Call ahead or check the store's website or listings for information.

CBD-specific stores are still open in Colorado Springs but typically curbside-only.


Arizona is under a statewide stay-at-home order. Find out more HERE.

Medical Consultation for certification has been deemed non-essential, even via video. 

Arizona Dispensaries remain open, although some have modified services, hours, or policies. Curbside pickup allowed, but may not be required at medical dispensaries, and some even offer delivery. Call ahead or check the store's website or listings for information.

Smoke shops are reportedly open.

To of all us going out to all of you -- steady on, stay chill. Bored? Peruse Dispatches from the Highlands for our vast library of refreshing, local Cannatown News.