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Today’s concoction is like a zap of energy, a marathoner’s munchie. Camping? Hiking? Outdoor adventure on the radar? Why eat protein bars and smoke, when you can just as easily pack several dozen super-delicious “toke’ns” to whisk you higher and higher whilst you climb? With this recipe, the busy work really comes down to simply gathering the ingredients. The rest is a breeze, and together they taste amazing! 
   The best thing? The “toke’ns” are packed with all you need to refuel and feel great.

2 lbs creamy peanut butter
24 oz agave - infused with hash
1/4 cup honey
1 cup hemp seeds
1 cup chia seeds
1 cup flax seeds.
6 cups oats
2 cups chopped dried banana
2 cups chopped dates 
Bee pollen for topping sprinkle

Prepare the agave first (any dosage will work, but I tossed in 7 grams activated THC). Blend peanut butter, agave and honey into a nice paste. Once well-incorporated, add remaining ingredients (minus the pollen), and mix well. 
   Using a scoop for portioning, place each on parchment paper, and pressing gently, flatten slightly into “toke’n” discs. I prefered to sprinkle with bee pollen as a topping (press again a little so they stick). 
   No cooking necessary, just refrigerate until serving. Makes approximately 70 toke’ns at around 75mg each. That’s enough for a whole kickball team (or two)!
   As always, Bon Appetit!

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