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If you're going to make a CBD picnic spread, why not have mayo leftover for later? This recipe feeds a post-Quarantine party--needless to say, cut in half for smaller occasions.  

Prep ahead of time
One pack thick cut bacon, cooked & chopped
Pkg Elbow mac noodles, prep'd per directions
2 bags small potatoes, baked, skin, chopped
Up to 16 Eggs - Hard boiled and deshelled  
     Chop the most imperfect ones for salads
Cheddar cheese, cubed
Jar of sundried tomatoes, chopped 
Can of peas, drained
Relish, about 4 heaping tbsp

4 large fresh eggs
4 tbsp red wine vinegar
4 tbsp dijon mustard 
3 cups avocado oil
1000 mg CBD tincture 
Up to 1 cup Olive Oil
2 tbsp minced garlic 
2 tsp salt

   First, mix all the oils together. I found CBD already suspended in olive oil -- but you can also pour tincture into a measuring cup and add normal olive oil to make 1 full cup. Set aside. Get out the food processor (a blender won't do) and pulse eggs for about a minute. Keeping the power on, add the salt, garlic, vinegar and mustard. Slowly--and I mean slowly--add the oil blend. Be patient!
   The mix will appear like creamy liquid until the processor turns off, then return to hold form in a resting state. Makes about six cups. After using on the following recipes, I was left over with about a cup and a half in a refrigerated container, to use within a week (probably on some really dank sandwiches).

Tater Salad
Mix together potatoes, half the chopped bacon, 5-6 spoonfuls of medi-mayo, a few tablespoons relish, half the sundried tomatoes,  and the chopped (non-handsome) eggs.

Mac Salad
Mix together macaroni, 3-4 spoonfuls of medi-mayo, the cubed cheddar,  peas, the other half sundried tomatoes and other half of chopped bacon.

Deviled Eggs
Cut each in half and smash the insides. Combine a couple spoonfuls of medi-mayo, a few tbsp relish and about one tbsp of cayenne pepper if desired. Fill the halves and sprinkle with paprika for color. 

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