Museum of Very High Art Opens with  Gala, Hullabaloo, Pomp and Cheesecake

Museum of Very High Art Opens with Gala, Hullabaloo, Pomp and Cheesecake

July 15, 2015

Exhibits “Highlight” World’s Highest Creations

After a long wait, Noid Park’s Museum of Very High Art kicked off its inaugural exhibits with a weekend gala. Attendees were greeted with the extensive work of Elroy Mckenna, known in some circles as the greatest producer by volume, of cannabis-inspired art, when counting his furniture and bedroom walls. A re-creation of his foreclosed house played the back-drop to the flagship exhibit, and included the artist’s legendary “Purple doll-head closet” and life-sized friend “Sled-man.”
   McKenna first gained notoriety in the late nineties, after a rare collection of ancient cave-drawings was eventually proven by forensic scientists to be those of the artist, who did not remember being in a cave. “He wasn’t doing it to commit archeological fraud,” said Museum curator Allison Rubio. “He just just did it because he was very...high.”
   Rubio said McKenna’s art is often overlooked in public, or mistaken for masters.
  “His style reminds me of Jackson Pollack, but with less premonition. And less balance. And, access to paint.”
  Other smaller gala exhibits include Rory Bastion’s study on doors, “Off the Hinges,” and Matilda Hapernick’s “Nuggetism,” the controversial photo project displaying nugs dressed and photographed in tiny re-created movie and literary sets such as Batman, and the classic Pride & Prejudice.
   “I came out for the free dabs and lemon haze cheesecake, but I have to say I’m at least a little inspired,” said CannaTown resident Albert Gainey. “Whoops, that’s the cake, it’s finally kickin’ in. Woah.”
   The museum noted that while ticket sales for a first day were encouraging, sales of the cafeteria’s mini-corndogs had already paid back two-thirds of construction debt. Thompson’s Cannistry provided the gala’s complimentary cannabis, with equipment from Smack Dabratory. Catering of the masterful gourmet munchies was provided by local favorite, The UnCanny Bistro.