So you’re in this smaking circle too, huh?

Dispatches from the Highlands

News from CannaTown
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Hey, duder, what’s up. How do you know Joe? Awesome. Wild man, yea, we probably met back when I lived with him near the University. Yea, you remember that? On Niagara Street. Seems like a dream now, woah. Like a blur. Did that life really happen? Remember Floyd the cat? Joe told me to come down for 4/20 so here I am. Oh man, actually, I’m totally out of bud. But looks like there’s a blunt going around! Nice! I think I also saw a joint a few minutes ago, but it hasn’t come our way yet. Glad I came here! Last 4/20 I was shopping for groceries. I was picking up a jar of black olives when suddenly it dawned on me, Jiminy, I’m missing 4/20, and I nearly fainted from the shock, true story. And here comes the bowl. Oh yea, it’s still goin? Sure, why not? Hgarghph. Gggpghm phgggoijg Bgh. Bgleargh, ooh that (cough, cough) hit real hard. Oh man, proceed with (cough) caution, hombre. I almost puked! Hoo-eey! Oh man, that rocked me. Oh man, oh man. This reminds me of their Christember party a few years back. They put a Tshirt on a Christmas tree! Right? Genius. Man that’s the only thing I remember about that night. What? That was just a few months ago? Woah. Hey, you over there! Yea, you! With the Fro! Stop campin’ on the bowl, campstein Einstein! Heh. Some people, am I right? Oh shit, dude, did I spill that bong water all over the chair? Joe! Joe! He’s not looking. Oh, man, Joe’s going to kill me. Here, give me that towel right there. Yep, see, that’s doing the trick. What did she say? Oh shit! That was her jacket! I think that’s Joe’s girlfriend. Oh shit, shit. Man, that reeks. How did that bong have so much water? It wasn’t even that full! Ugh, sorry, dude, I didn’t realize it got your shoe so bad. What? Another spliff? You bet I’ll hit that spliff. Ha, ha... what were we talkin’ about? 
   So how do you know Joe?

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