Wacky Racky: Introduction to Stoned Nutz

Wacky Racky: Introduction to Stoned Nutz

April 22, 2020

With all the misinformation and confusion out there regarding THC, it's enough to drive anyone a little nutz. I am hoping as I navigate the new world of cannabis I can share that journey with people. 

Just call me Racky, the nickname my grandma gave me many years ago. I started my journey into medical marijuana in Dec 2018 and what an experience it has been. 

Now I will admit, I smoked pot in high school and yes, unlike Clinton, I did inhale. From 1987-2018 I smoked a joint maybe twice. 

I tried big pharma for years and only found my health getting worse. In 2016 tired of the side effects of traditional pain management treatment and the treatment to combat the side effects of pain management, I started discontinuing my meds. Then it was almost 2 years of hell from constant pain and nausea. 

I was beyond desperate when I asked my doctor about applying for my medical marijuana card. At first I thought I would have to go to one of the medical "clearing house" establishments, the docs who come into town charging anywhere from $40-250 to evaluate you and file the necessary paperwork. Thankfully she spared me that cost and took care of getting everything approved. 

First tip: talk to your doctor about medical marijuana, they just might shock you and help you get approved without costing you any additional funds.

Next came going into the dispensary which seemed like the building of shame. Or somewhere that you needed to sneak into like a ninja so nobody you know knows you are going to the weed shop. 

For some reason I felt guilt over visiting a herbal pharmacy but never had the same guilty feeling going to Walgreens to get big pharma treatment. Who cared if people saw me getting a shopping bag full of pills at Walgreens? Who cared if I took my teenage sons in with me to pick up these dangerous and potentially addictive pills? Why was a dispensary seen as so taboo but not a traditional pharmacy?

This made me mad and I decided to tell a few friends about starting medical marijuana treatment. I still could only tell a few because I still felt I had something to be embarrassed over. Then shockingly I found some of those friends had a secret. They too were Mother's of the "med that shall not be named" club, oh my it felt so criminal and a little exciting to be a member of this club.

Seriously though after thinking about it for a moment, my chestnutz started to roast. I looked at one friend and said, wait a minute, why are we acting like we are doing something illegal? 

Even with all that righteous indignation I was feeling it still took me almost a full year to comfortably and openly discuss my use of medical marijuana with people. Matter of fact it was just after new years that I made my medical marijuana postings on Facebook open to the public. It was an extremely hard decision to make but so worth it. I didn't realize how much so until a support group meeting tonight. 

I hope to share my journey into tinctures, edibles, vape (with all the mass hysteria and misinformation) and flower. Differences in product depending on what dispensary it came from. Strain reviews, pictures, life stories, legalization, mass hyteria, etc. Watch out, I am a libra so I rarely know when to shut up. 

Have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to drop me a line. 

Racky Squirrel

Wacky Racky, from New Mexico, writes about her exploration into the realms of cannabis. Find more of her insight, reviews and macro photography at wackracky.com.