Stoned Nutz: Wacky Racky Reviews the Lookah Seahorse Pro

Stoned Nutz: Wacky Racky Reviews the Lookah Seahorse Pro

October 5, 2020

Lookah needs to trademark “Dabbing for Dummies” for their Seahorse Pro. No seriously, this is the tool every concentrate newbie or veteran needs.

Out of the box suggestions/criticisms. First, please for gawd sake, companies need to stop printing instructions on black paper with small font. Yes, the presentation and art work is gorgeous. However, a lot of us cannabis connoisseurs  are children of the 60s and 70s, which means our eyes are fucked, so please just stop. Make the font a little larger and brighter too.

Second, every smoking gadget on the market seems to have extra goodies included with their product but never a case to hold all that stuff together. A black seahorse case for this power horse would be AWESOME. Plus that could be your box for the product so there is less paper waste and add more sleek branding.

Charging time, I can say this, it seems to charge fast (2nd time). What can I say, I am a female squirrel so don’t expect me to time it, that would just make too much sense. The first time I charged it, I was impatient to try it. So as logic dictates, me staring at it, watching it charge, naturally and logically made it charge slower. It felt like hours but it was probably around 45 minutes. Like I said…hours! When recharging it, it seemed like it was recharged in under 30 minutes but honestly I was able to smoke before it died on me so logically, since I wasn’t impatiently watching it, it charged in lightning speed.

After it charged I couldn’t get it to turn on. Not sure if I didn’t have the beat right or if the virgin button needed deflowering. Eventually it turned on and I went directly to the “dabbing for dummies” mode aka 3 clicks.

As soon as you see the end start to glow, stick your “straw” into the wax and enjoy. Beware this baby hits hard. It does come with an attachment to attach to a water pipe, which I don’t currently own. My poor hubby….

5 clicks to turn on, 3 clicks to auto wax session and 5 clicks to shut off. Replace cap so you don’t burn anything as the head cools down.

If you remove the quartz head you can screw in your vape cartridge. You can smoke out of either end. If you like a gentler hit simply use the Seahorse glass mouthpiece.

The price was around $50. Once again, female squirrel with a credit card, a dangerous combination. I purchased it locally at Sam’s Smoke Shop. The girls there are extremely helpful, pleasant and simply adorable. Anyways the next day I had to go back for two reasons. One, nothing in the instructions showed you how to get the glass chamber out. You have to twist glass mouthpiece and pull not slide it. Two, as you can see from the images, this dumbass impatient squirrel used the product before taking pictures. So I had to go buy another coil. This turned out to be a good thing because I learned something else. There is a ceramic head which the staff said seemed to last longer than the quartz. I wanted to get the quartz so I can retake pictures to upload to my Alamy stock photo page. When I was told the price for just the head, I was shocked. I expected to be hit with a price of $25.00 but it was $12.00! Which makes me love this product even more!

Since bringing the Seahorse Pro home I haven’t touched my Oura. With the Seahorse there is no need to handle the wax or trying to get sticky wax into an atomizer. Clean up is simple and easy. I will make sure to update this article in a month to see if I am still as impressed as I am today or not.

Hold on up here, I have an update and need to issue a scolding to Lookah. Understand this, people are dumbasses. It’s just in your nature as humans to be dumbasses, you can’t help what you can’t control. But dontcha worry, us squirrel out there take this to a whole new level. That’s the dipshit level.

Never ever, ever, ever give cleaning tools without including detailed instructions on where to insert that wire brush and where not to fucking insert it. Because as a squirrel I am sticking that brush in every orifice my brush will fit no matter how hard I have to jam it in. To which I learned, to my utter amazement wasn’t the best idea. As I watched the coils guts comes out with the brush.

Detailed cleaning instructions please! Video would be greatly appreciated.

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