Alien OG Kush w/ SHO in PALM CONE from AOM

Alien OG Kush w/ SHO in PALM CONE from AOM

July 18, 2019

It’s been a little while since we saw any Alien mutants through these parts; the once-common Chemdawg derivative is now fairly rare (save a couple of “sightings” here and there). But one variation, Alien OG Kush is a permanent fixture at AOM, and we recently got to sample the harvest in an SHO Palm Cone (rolled with bubble hash), ultimately boosting our experience tenfold. Let’s just say, it made a good summer afternoon great.

A savvy alternative to your typical cannagar, these leaf-wrapped cones are available in a bunch of other strains, all with organic flower, and each concentrate extracted solventlessly. Phytatech consistently clocks these particular blends at extremely high THC levels. And the combination of Tahoe OG’s lemon with Alien Kush’s deep grape had us salivating; the terps were still bursting through, enhanced by the wrapper. Creamy and woody, we also picked up essences of lilac and pine, with a lilt of melon.

Our experience began with a bang. Within minutes we became puppets, pulled by our heads upward, with limbs lagging in slow motion behind. The body buzz and cloudy mind quickly extracted us from reality, as profound introspection distracted us in entirety. So piercing was the burst of sudden daydreams that physical prowess quickly eroded from clumsy to catastrophic. The first critic to speak aloud was surprised to hear her own voice, and could not complete a sentence.

Over the next several hours, we were betrothed to a stream of consciousness, featuring a full spectrum of mental exploration: vivid epiphanies, personal memories and every zany concoction of the human imagination.  Some felt inspired to write, others, to enjoy the outdoors in a serene park nearby -- but all critics logged enlightenment in their surroundings. “It was difficult for me to stay focused, so playing guitar was my only hope,” one wrote.

Overall the critics loved it. No reason to pass around a soggy old stogie when a leaf wrap burns so clean, hits hard, and seems to last forever. “I’ve never thought so far outside the box,” another wrote. “I had total clarity about a work problem and solved it, then totally forgot the solution as another memory popped in my head.” During descent, we were content and self-aware, sociable and motivated. Both moods, and lucid thoughts echoed for hours, even as the cloud dispersed; this bucket-list alien encounter left a lasting impression.