Chunky D from Buddies Wellness

Chunky D from Buddies Wellness

January 17, 2015

Chunky D is not just a diesel; it is a hybrid of polar extremes, the pure indica Deep Chunk and the invigorating sativa Sour Diesel. Both have distinctive hallmarks each to their own, exciting to witness right off the bat from our sample from Buddies Wellness. Dark, she wore splotches of indigo amidst mysterious green clusters of leaves, and full reddish beard. The bud was sweet and sugary, with the botanical tart of the Deep Chunk pine, musky spice and all. Her palate was woody, even like caramel chocolate.

  From the first go, our heads skyrocketed into a spacy fog, a combination heavy weight, juxtaposed with the Sour D jolt of lightning at the same time. It was refreshingly unexpected. The first few minutes took an eternity to return to what felt like a functional normalcy, but not without a certain calm. We slowly returned to a fantastical mental plane, calm and creative, with elevated moods. Coffee was a must-have, and although it smelled great, we’d brewed it like amateurs.

  Overall, Chunk D’s effects were characteristic of her genetics. Like the Deep Chunk, we were able to melt into a movie or story, become locked to the couch or even meditate in a bout of yoga. But our focus and drive were left intact, meaning deep engagement with the movies we watched, achievement and precision in the video games, and greater self-fulfillment during exercise.   

  The strain was both exuberant but conservative. “It allowed me to chill out but remain in control,” wrote one critic. “I played guitar for 30 minutes and had an awesome jam.” Likewise, we felt it was a great strain to smoke both solo and with other people. An excellent go-to, especially for day-time or early evening.

  Critics did not report munchies, as we’d already eaten, but everyone was up for ice cream. Anything cold helped with the hardcore dry-mouth. That aside, the Chunky D experience was a premium trip for the entire 3.5 hr climb and descent. Relaxed, we were completely satisfied and no longer overwhelmed, but ready to take life by the horns. As soon as it showed up.

Photography from Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia