Ecto Cooler from Three Rivers

Ecto Cooler from Three Rivers

November 22, 2019

You know that feeling where you “think” you’re flying through life during a stone, and don’t realize you’re still cruising over in the slow lane? That’s a good way to describe the funky indica Ecto Cooler, a strain as cool as it sounds, with a heavy-hitting high that zaps the pain away all day long. It comes from parents East Coast Panama Chunk -- a strain that gets you through that long day without burnout -- and TK Stardawg, another mood-boosting, uplifting soar of a high. 

   Our bouquet from Three Rivers was dazzling. The buds were bushy and tight, holidazzling in a technicolor coat of green hues (and maybe a pink or purple here and there) with “fiery hairs and trichomes glistening in every light.” The aroma was that of sweet mandarin orange, if not some lemon zest, trailing into the earthy chemical pine of Chemdawg. She was tart but not without a “tease of sweetness,” and ground perfectly, giving off a “Pinesol-infused orange juice” essence “with a splash of diesel and skunk.”

   The head rush was immediate and invigorating, like riding upon large mill or ferris wheel. With the thrill came an almost blanket of emotion--happiness--and lots of it. We couldn’t stop smiling. Two or three hits, and we were all warm and tingling. The sensations crept and crept, growing more narcotic and spacey at the same time. Then, an unexpected peak was suddenly upon us, and we were deep in the undertow, temporarily plastered to the nearest surface.

   “She calms and soothes from behind the scenes,” one critic noted. The body buzz calmed us down, even froze us momentarily, but the mind was still racing in thought-provoking randomness. Creative and philosophical, we were also silly and candid. “I feel like sliding across the floor in my socks and singing “R-E-S-P-E-C-T,” another announced. We were pleasantly venturing well out of our comfort zone -- and it felt like we were at a holiday cocktail party with friends, genuinely bonding.  

   Surprisingly we were able to multitask for the 2-4 hour highest-period, albeit with a case of the  munchies. Anxiety and worries faded as the mind was ever-stimulated. We walked away in a good mood that set us thinking outside of the box, more fluid and cheerful, as if we’d taken a good luck potion or something of the sort. When finally the energy subdued -- we were zoned out and hazily cheerful into the night, still aerial.