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June 20, 2018
San Francisco, CA

CannLabs Test Results: 26.52% THC

To conjure the power of the “DeathStar” takes both brilliance, functionality, and a little bit of a dark-side. While we aren’t here to debate the Tarkin Doctrine or Galactic Standard Calendar, the comparison to a weapon of immense power is overdue as this strain delivers both sensational strong indica effects and very high THC. That’s thanks to a Sensi Star heritage, crossed with the dominating cerebral versatility of Sour Diesel.
   Our specimen from Buddies Wellness was sugar-dusted as always with near-perfect cure/dry and pleasant stickiness. A pinch and grind revealed strong Pinesol aroma, like that of an early 1980’s wood paneling. Taste followed suite, with layers of tart lemon, earthy and even metallic overtones, and, not surprisingly, diesel. The longer it burned, a California plum emerged on the palate, sweet like a flower’s nectar.
   Interestingly enough, the high was not immediately staggering. Favoring the left side, both a head and body sensation erupted at the back of the neck, continued through the shoulders and then crossed over. But no levity or disorientation. The eyes fuzzed a little until senses came ‘in tune,’ then most of us proceeded to go about our daily routines. Even after 20 minutes, it was a very manageable, work-friendly high.
   Medically, the strain cleared a headache for one reviewer, and strong anxiety for another. Munchies were subdued for the majority of us; as one wrote, “I hadn’t eaten for hours, and Deathstar made me forget I was hungry.” Pair this strain with a fruit drink (“a blueberry shake” was recommended) or hoppy beer (5 Barrel was the favorite).
   Critics reported a variety of sensations throughout the experience, noting that the strain was uplifting and peaceful. Physical activity was easy, but administrative busywork did lead to sleepiness. Our major observation was that, despite the moniker, the strain cured mental anguish like none other. We couldn’t help but sing along to Megafaun’s  “Come on, ease your worried mind,” as we felt the troubles of the day lifting from our shoulders.

Published on April 7, 2014
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