Doc's Cake from Epic Remedy

Doc's Cake from Epic Remedy

September 17, 2020

With a memorable sweetness, Doc’s Cake melds face-melting Doc’s OG with the delectable wizardry of Wedding Cake, in a high-octane hybrid deserving of a staple-strain status. This flower consistently delivers the well-earned dizzying relaxation for that day off, and we were treated to ours from Epic Remedy on just such an open afternoon. Talk about good timing.

Like glittering diamonds, the tight olive-green buds were covered in and out with well-cured trichomes and bristly orange hairs, hiding the occasional blue-violet hues. A creamy but spicy melange of pine, mint, and a little lemon-lime erupted from the grinder, and smoked incredibly smooth, with a peppery finish. “A very mellow smoke, pleasantly softer than most OGs,” wrote one critic. “I love the aftertaste,” another noted, “Like sage terps.”

The first spark seemed to drop the floor out from under us, sending us into a gravity-induced head rush, behind the eyes and creeping to the ears. The ground beneath our feet turned to quicksand as the extremities released from their tension and hung freely. Our heads were floating upwards into the clouds. So removed we were, that time itself seemed to skip ahead, and we were often unaware of what we were doing. 

After a while, the spastic spaciness died down a little, leaving in its wake a philosophical couch-lock. "Doesn’t get a whole lot better!” one critic wrote, clearly inspired. “Feeling chill. Brainstorming now. It could lead to something.” The experience brought on a feeling to stay outdoors. Mother Nature provided “treetop music” with a soft breeze, as we sat and watched a pair of robins and their babies overhead. It was all very cinematic. Calm and comfortable, we were able to focus. 

Thought-provoking, yet relaxing throughout the 3-4 hour stretch, we were more or less “drifting in a direction that really has no accomplishment,” for most of the day -- although we retained enough functionality to solve puzzles by critically thinking outside the box, with enough energy to fly through the mundane or even repetitive physical activity. As the head faded, life returned to being a little more dull, begging the question, when is our next day off?