Ecto-Cooler from Three Rivers Organic

Ecto-Cooler from Three Rivers Organic

May 11, 2016

With a name that vividly conjures images of Slimer and the Ghostbusters, one hit of Ecto Cooler will send you straight into the spirit world. Widely revered for producing some of the tastiest and most unique strains, Three River Organics have simply outdone themselves with this incredibly powerful indica.

She was a dense nug, like an impenetrable pine thicket, emerald in color and splashed with the glitter of trichomes. A coarse layer of burnt sienna pistils weaved throughout. Subtle aromas of pine, earth and even citrus casually made introductions even before she was put to the grind. Once broken apart, a peppered spice erupted and struck the senses in full force.

The first spark was like the precision particle beam of a proton pack. All that one critic could manage to get out was: “Wow.” The immediate roller-coaster of a cerebral high riveted down the backbone and into the extremities. It was so powerful that several of us forgot we’d gone 10 minutes with only one puff.

While other indicas can leave you couch-locked and lazy, in Ecto’s case, we remained focused on tasks and able to carry on passionate discussion, all without cottonmouth. After an hour or so, the heady effects diminished but the body-calming saturation lasted much longer.

Munchies drew us to Guinness or Dr. Pepper on ice, and grill-sizzled burgers with a smorgasbord of dipping sauces. Ecto Cooler makes one of the most pleasurable indicas we’ve come across in recent times;  Ghostbuster or not, don’t let this green ghost escape your grip.