Ed Rosenthal Super Bud from AOM

Ed Rosenthal Super Bud from AOM

September 17, 2020

Super Bud, the venerable Sensi Seeds’ tribute to cannabis Godfather Ed Rosenthal, supposedly combines the best of the entire Indica/Sativa spectrum into the perfect, most bombastic bud on the planet. You don’t plant this flower unless you’re ready to show off your level of grow expertise; consider it the test and signature of an established operation. Big bonus if Ed Rosenthal himself actually came to the dispensary to offer guidance on cultivating it.

No surprise, that Super Bud from Altitude Organic Medicine (AOM) hits all those check marks (including Ed’s hand in getting the strain setup). And it shows in these beauties. Radiating bright neon, there was no other way of describing the frosty, chunky green nugs with bronze-colored hairs, other than “bountiful nugget.” Like blossoms, her floral perfume wore deep undertones of orange, even melon.

The first puff zapped straight up the back, raising the hair on the scruff of the neck, and straight out the eyes. The second and third puffs from the joint pushed like a Tsunami, knocking us down in slow motion. We were motivated, if not hyper, to do something, but we didn’t really know what -- as we were simultaneously dealing with the entire randomness of this vast universe processing through our brains.

It was, we all agreed, one heck of a “creepy creeper,” one that came trickling eerily down the neck “and then, boom!” What critics noted (beyond the stress release) was a plethora of completely arbitrary and disconnected thoughts, hitting them in succession, with razor sharp focus and utter calm. We were meanwhile giggling at silly things and squirming in our seats, roused by the psychedelia that seemed to add “tracers” when we moved our arms and booming echo to our voices.

Talk of some “ultimate nachos” turned into action, even though we weren’t that hungry. We were still rambling about our own unique experiences as the high subsided 3-4 hours later in a mellow tone. “I have a narrator speaking as I type, in my own voice or so I perceive,” one critic concluded, still channeling the nonsensical. It took a while before our heads were completely screwed on straight again -- but then, there was no rush, it was glorious.