Elephant from Colorado BestBudz

Elephant from Colorado BestBudz

February 6, 2016

Elephant is truly a beast of a bud from Colorado BestBudz that will take you on a mellow ride through the trichome jungle. This stunning indica showcased trademark eggplant-colored leafage and bronze pistils, both weaved nonchalantly throughout a dense nuggetry. The sugary specimen filled the room with an unmistakable scent of sweet berries and grapefruit.

With a slow squeeze, the super sticky sponge-like buds adhered to our fingers and easily conformed to any shape we pressed into them. Once broken apart, the scent transformed into steely accents of pine; “if changed my impression dramatically,” said one critic, “and put me in the mindset of  a hot-boxed wood cabin.”

The first hit saturated the air earthy aroma and likewise left the strong taste of an evergreen forest on the tongue. A fast-acting body buzz immediately set in and we could definitely feel the presence of a purple elephant in the room. One nice side effect that critics noticed was how well it calmed the nerves and kept us focused on the task at hand. Unlike other indicas, this powerful strain won’t leave you drooling on the couch. Whether returning emails or going on “safari” to an “oil change,” Elephant became a fine companion to remain productive for a few hours.

This meandering giant has been known to creep up. At first we felt relaxed and totally focused, but after 1-2 hours we realized that its calming effects had wiped out any sense of time. Herbalists beware: be prepared to mitigate the monstrous cottonmouth that comes with the territory. One critic craved a dark imperial porter, while another found that grape soda was the perfect remedy. Paired with a hefty helping of spaghetti and meatballs, this animal’s munchies (and lingering effects) were readily tamed.

Photo by Ry Prichard