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June 22, 2018
San Francisco, CA

Golden Goat came riding in a flash of light, and our reunion was bittersweet. Always a favorite around the office, the strain hits most of the high watermarks for good bud: taste (with good cure) is sugary with an aroma of mountain dew sitting in the sun, and the high, sped along and unleashed upon the world in electrified stupidity. The sativa-dominant experience is not a frantic or paranoid madness, but rather empowering, even like a jolt of coffee for those burning the midnight oil.
   Her profile was spot-on: the characteristics of both Hawaiian-Romulan and Sweet Skunk parents emerged charismatically both in appearance and effects. She was rugged, like a dis-located south-
Pacific beach bum wandering through the Bible Belt. Her fiery hairs were accented by grandly contrasted greens, nugs rich and full, plump and sticky but with a solid grind.
   With the first rip came a zap of lightning. “Colossal,” sputtered one critic, who had been vaping for weeks. Levity was widely reported while the immediate zonkergy hit. With each additional puff came great spastic bouts of energy. However revved up, there seemed to be a focused and narrow path to follow from task to task. We were surprisingly able to accomplish errands, at least, for about a half-hour. Then the next wave hit. At that point we became lost in an episode of Green Acres, some staring into walls.
   Reminiscing was natural, and a few critics lost concept of time. One drooled. It was notably more difficult to speak to each other and many conversations died mid-sentence as the we forgot what we were talking about. Over time we became more cross-eyed and arrived at our quiet, personal epiphanies, but quickly lost conclusions if not written down immediately. “Use it for unscheduled hangouts and casual nightlife, never with deadlines” one suggested.
   Another critic described an urge “not read books, but to switch from one thing to another, getting lost in thought each time.” If you’re tired, the high will not prevent sleep, although it may send your mind on a spastic “elephants on parade” descent into dreamland. And note, even with the natural tendency to smoke a large hit, as much as your lungs can hold, don’t. Make the first hits modestly, and wait. It didn’t take much to go on a whirlwind.
   Total high ranged 2-3.5 hours. Pair with Mango and Bacon.

CannLabs Results: 19.84% THC

Photo Courtesy of Cannabis Encyclopedia

Published on July 22, 2014
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