Lilac Diesel from Three Rivers

Lilac Diesel from Three Rivers

May 24, 2020

What happens when you cross the combination of Forbidden Fruit and Silver Lemon Haze with the child of NY Cherry Pie and Critical Glue? A spectacularly resinous, meaty bouquet of bliss.

Typically regarded as an indica-leaning hybrid, the growers at Three Rivers report this particular phenotype swings a little harder sativa -- at least in the power of its uplifting zoom. A completely free afternoon gave us the opportunity to test that theory.

Our sample buds were dense, shining, sticky neon morsels with patches of amber shag, bursting with some of the best aromas we’ve reviewed: blackberry and lemon-citrus, against a backdrop of jet fuel. Ground and smoked, the taste was subtle but superb, like nonchalant sorbet, or, as one critic wrote, a “mouthful of chemical fruit cocktail chilling on the tongue.”

The zap struck like lightning, quickly disassembling us mentally, physically, like melting butter. The heavy punch brought on a riptide of euphoria that energized, like revving the engine, although we couldn't really go anywhere. "I feel calm but fidgety, relaxed but on the edge of my seat,” one critic wrote, capturing the true dichotomy of the wackiness.

Either way, pain was gone. The happy lull spread strongly, "killing the aches," even for  "deep tissue injuries.” We were talkative, loose, relaxed, and comical as the mellow became “calming, but not couch locking.” One critic was compelled to "run in the yard, flop in the hammock and veg out"; many critics similarly followed through on the urge to soak in the sun, but for all the afternoon was social, novel yet comforting. We were goofs, with no problem being frozen in time. 

About three hours later--longer for a few--the suspended, soaring head finally landed, although pain relief lingered into the evening. “One of the best flowers we've reviewed,” concluded one ouf long-time critics, “Everything about it (smell, look, taste) is vibrant and bright.” Another noted, “Really good for a day-smoke.” The praise was genuine, from both indica and sativa lovers alike; Lilac Diesel is a surefire bud for traversing the full spectrum.