Milk & Cookies from Three Rivers

Milk & Cookies from Three Rivers

September 17, 2020

The indica-leaning hybrid, Milk and Cookies, provides just the kind of evening snack you'd expect from such a name. Combining the exotic GSC and Kush-heavy Cookies & Cream with the complex lineage of Triple OG, you get equal parts flavor, chill, and mental madness. As the sample nugs from Three Rivers spilled from the jar, one critic immediately sighed in satisfaction that it was moments like this that truly defined Colorado quality. 

We see a lot of sugary bud, but this flower was purely “clumped with trichomes.” Fluffy but dense, she was bright, yet brushed in contrasting strokes of auburn and deep purple. The aroma was that of a fresh forest, woody with floral perfume and strong creamy undertones. “I would love to see this strain as a rosin, just because of how dank, hashy, and terpy it is,” raved one critic. “Not like a chemical or a skunk--this was a cheesecake praline...Heavy on the cheese.”

The first spark was somewhat deceitful. Our eyes became heavy deadweights. But the waves seemed to take their time, starting with the proverbial tingling in the back and up the skull like an infinite reverberation, and finally crashing. Once it got going, the pulverization became a whirlwind. We were simultaneously in the zone, and yet, nearly trippin’ out.  

We sat happy and starry-eyed, on the verge of some psychedelic, Dark Side of the Rainbow-esque epiphany. Inside we were lulled. “No matter where I sit, I feel like I’m rocking in a rocking chair,” one critic remarked. “Sedative but still mentally stimulating,” wrote another, “Great for a gaming session. Ready to kick back but also maintain focus.” 

For those who needed it, the spacy head was supplemented by a steady and unique case of the munchies. “I feel like this strain is excellent for appetite. Not only does it remedy an empty stomach, but made me hungry in a much more comfortable way," one wrote, as urges brought us to Kool Aid and lime tortilla chips with Ranch. Equally blasted on the potency scale, we all agreed hours later as effects waned that it well was worth the "trip."