OGeez Gummies from Copia

OGeez Gummies from Copia

September 17, 2019

The first thing you’ll immediately realize about Copia’s OGeez gummies, is that these aren’t just the best infused candies around--they are literally the best in the history of gummies (if anything you’ll have to fight the temptation to keep eating them)! These made-from-scratch, produced-to-order sweets are batched only when each dispensary makes an order, meaning they’re always fresh and juicy. Talk about giving Willy Wonka a run for his money.

We were excited to review the Orange Creamsicle flavor. Like other OGeez varieties (Watermelon, Tropical Mix and Raspberry Orange), the complex dichotomy on the palate was almost overshadowed by its explosive introduction. The bright, blood orange sweetness played prelude to a soft vanilla, not unlike a scrumptious, old-school cream soda. The sugar-coating was heavy and immaculate, a final garnish for the unique and pure taste. It’s no wonder why they’ve been singled out as one of the best edibles in the industry: there’s no additives here, no solvents, chemicals or funky spray-on oil like so many other gross alternatives. 

The plump morsels literally melted in the mouth, and the effects began right there and then, while chewing. It isn’t often that you can sense the buzz of medication even while still consuming the edible. It wasn’t long -- maybe 20 minutes -- before we felt the true waves crashing. Those sampling the indica welcomed soothing relaxation, via calming but non-drowsy tension relief throughout the muscles. The sativa variety provided an energetic, uplifting drive that kept the afternoon going. 

Vibrations kept coming for what felt like a pleasant eternity. The indica delivered considerable pain alleviation, even despite an eventual, inescapable couch-lock. Meanwhile, critics sampling the sativa noted soaring focus and imagination that drove creative, if not, philosophical conversation. All parties felt rejuvenated -- both inside and out. Moods were lifted and all senses, reset and recharged. The experience lasted several hours before returning us to a clear and comfortable plane.

There’s almost nothing more convenient, practical--and perfect for the sugar tooth--as the OGeez gummy. We also love that you can really dial it in too: go strain-specific, dose by 100, 200 or 300mg, or choose from other flavors and types like Pure CBD, 50:50 THC/CBD split, or all-Vegan. There’s no way you can’t find exactly what you need. You’ll be asking, as we did, “Why can’t all gummies--much less, edibles--be this good?”