Ogeez Raspberry Orange 1:1 CBD/THC Gummies and Ogeez Vegan Brownie from Copia

Ogeez Raspberry Orange 1:1 CBD/THC Gummies and Ogeez Vegan Brownie from Copia

February 22, 2020

Though well-distributed and popular throughout the state, Copia still keeps the appeal and homemade touch reminiscent of an artisan village candy shoppe, complete with style that makes each confection look bigger and better than the norm. It’s a routine specialty for one of Arizona’s most famous cannabis kitchens, one known for freshness, as batches are scratch-made per order and fully-infused with the purest distillate oil, for the ultimate health-conscious higher-consciousness. 

   Even with several options for all types of consumers, we were pleased to find out about their newest products, now on the shelves:

   First, the Vegan Brownie. As makers of the “World’s Best Brownie” which also comes in “XL” and flourless versions -- Copia touts that their vegan recipe could actually change history. Like their other vegan options, they don’t sacrifice taste for higher quality--they improve. This gooey brownie is essentially a light and airy fudge cake with crispy crust, and is indisputably more delicious than most brownies you’ve ever eaten. The effects are that of a hybrid, delivering a serene balance of pain alleviation and spaced-out happy-time. So yes, if not altering history, at least worthy of enhancing the afternoon and setting a permanent bar for cannabis-infused bars. 

   Copia also released new styles of their signature OGeez Gummies. Last time we reviewed the lip-smacking whipped citrus of Orange Creamsicle. Now they’ve introduced Blackberries & Cream, bright sugary morsels that explode in a dichotomy of dark tang and smooth ice cream in an unforgettable berry bouquet. There's also a new 1:1 CBD/THC version of their Raspberry-Orange flavor, offering a fruity party on the palate with major, long-term pain relief. 

   Thankfully you can find OGreez gummies by strain in many cases (based on store batch-- both Sativa and Indica are offered). They make one of the most convenient ways to munch your way to higher planes and soothing vibes, which begin to take shape even as you chew. The only warning? They’re incredibly hard to put down, so keep a non-medicated version nearby to satisfy any sudden cravings for sweets.

   That goes for any time you consume cannabis, of course -- but especially with Copia. As far as edibles go, you’re not going to get a better experience.