Sour Maui from La Bodega at Buddies Wellness

Sour Maui from La Bodega at Buddies Wellness

February 6, 2016

Sour Maui conjures the image of sweet treats on sandy beaches, a sunny refuge from winter’s frost. The sativa-dominant hybrid combines the creative energy of Maui Waui with the relaxing pain-relief of Sour Diesel for a potent mixed cocktail of effects.

  Our selection from La Bodega certainly delivered that tropical punch. The bright nugs were aromatic like a fruit stand, and sprinkled with a peach fuzz of hairs and generous dusting of trichomes. When ground, the pungent scent of sweet citrus filled the room, erupting like fresh-squeezed grapefruit.

  With the first exhale, the power of Sour D hit behind the eyes. Within minutes, the numbing tides flowed throughout the extremities, planting most of us on the couch. Critics felt a brief loss of sensations--even light-headed--but it quickly passed as soon as we became mobile.

  Within an hour, the energizing effects of the Maui Waui took hold. No longer could we zone out to a film – we all wanted to move. One critic started planning his trip to the slopes while two others grabbed guitars to jam. Though a few mundane chores awaited us, the process was much more enjoyable with our heads swimming.

  As the afternoon progressed, our energy fluctuated, but never too drastically. Lethargy ebbed and flowed, but could be controlled by remaining either active or idle. Falling asleep, on the other hand, was nearly impossible due to the creative influence.

  In all, she made a great choice for staying active and getting more out of the typical day’s routine. The sweet, tropical flavor paired well with desserts, hardy candy, and cocktails such as a Pink Moscato or Mai Tai. Though beach fantasies will come naturally, use Sour Maui when you most need to be whisked away on a mini-vacation at the office.

Photo by Ry Prichard